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Rohan Solomon

Rohan Solomon is the founder of the ‘Synergy’ brand and is excited to spread the joy of music to schools all over the country. He is a Global Chart Topping Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Producer, Audio Engineer, Teacher and Vocal Coach. He is most well known as the frontman and lead singer of Delhi based iconic alt rock band 'Cyanide'. He moved to New York City in 2015 and got in the music production game and has since worked with huge artists such as Toni Braxton, John Legend, Anderson Paak, Immortal Technique, Chloe Jane, NEEL, Sasha Prendes and Jeremiah Hosea. He recently had his song ‘We Demand Change’ submitted to the GRAMMY Ballots and has also worked on a GRAMMY WINNING song in New York in 2017.

Having moved back to India in 2019, Rohan has since then, released a trilogy in 2019 with his band 'By Chance' and in 2020 has released 3 singles, out of which his single "Victoria's Secret" was charting at No.2 on the World Indie Music Charts and Euro Indie Music Charts.

Rohan is now full time producing independent artists and label artists from his production studio in New Delhi called "Synergy Audio Productions" and he is also teaching students who have enrolled in his online school "Synergy Audio Institute".

Mohit Rathore

Mr. Mohit Rathore is the founder of Synergy Institute of Music, who is a young and dynamic fellow. He is a passionate music lover and a pertinacious decision-maker. Being a drummer at the age of 13 he visualized doing something salubrious in the field of music, something aristocratic, not restricted to himself but for every aspirant of music, at the world level. The little dream of the ambitious eyes precedes the way in 2012 with the establishment of his first music school.

Step-by-step he came forth with something new and innovative. His passion for Music reveals in the name of his company “Synergy Institute of Music”. In 2015 he reached the midway of his success with adding more innovations and giving more dimensions to the basic idea.

By 2016 Synergy Institute of Music turns out to be a huge victory as a company to have a tie-up with Austria standby Vienna boys choir, Austria. And now everyone can see that Music institute of chromatic is big fame but still he is on the way towards the accomplishment as for him even the sky is the not the limit.

Mohit’s vision is to not limit the music as a formality part of the academic session but it must be inculcated to the students in a very systematic manner with the scientific and humanitarian approach so that it enhances the overall personality development of the child as music gives a neurological impact and boosts the cognitive development of the child.


Conserve the musical culture

In a culturally rich country like India, it is pathetic that the ultimate focus of the parents, children, and the educational institute is on the academic part. No one bothers that equal development of both the hemisphere of the brain is extremely important. Unfortunately, our educational system does not let the right hemisphere develop for a child. The overall development of the brain is essential to bring harmony and balance in life. The idea was a little spark to inculcate music into the curriculum for the proper brain development of the children.

Brainwave through Wirth Method

The flicker of inspiration is always illuminated by the urge to achieve the benchmark in a certain sphere. The same idea falls behind the realism of the Synergy Institute of Music. The ambitious dream and the unique music teaching methodology are inspired by the Wirth Institute Austria based on the ideas of Professor Gerald Wirth. We wish to follow the footprint of Professor Wirth to implant Music to children for the development of both the hemispheres of the brain.


We Revolutionize Music Education